Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hearthside Farm is getting ready for the 2014 Camp Season!

June dates are Monday the 23rd ~Friday the 27th.

July and August dates to be announced.
Children 5-10 years
                                                                 Children 11-15 years 
Adult weekend classes available on a limited basis~ contact us for more details
                                          $400 per child ~ family rates available

Teach your children the skills to last them a lifetime!

On our thirty acre farm, we hope not only to encourage the spread of agricultural and homesteading knowledge, but also to share the joy of practicing the old skills with our community.

Daily adventures will focus on sustainability and will include: animal husbandry (poultry, goats, sheep, horses), organic gardening, food preservation and preparation (specializing in pies, breads and cheese), wildcrafting and plant identification, paper making from hand-picked plants, basic herbal medicine, classic home cooking, candle dipping, soap making, fiber crafts and much more…
Spaces are extremely limited. For more information or to reserve a spot for your child, contact us now!

Maureen Anderson
Hearthside Farm
757-506-5428 cell

Practicing sustainable living and “home cooked” values, Maureen Anderson carries a wide array of knowledge in the art of self-sufficiency. Along with running their thirty acre Hearthside Farm, the Anderson Family owns Tasha’s Own Goat’s Milk Soap and Hearthside Farm CSA. Local pioneers in the homesteading movement, they are overflowing with the desire to benefit others with their skilled backgrounds

Sunday, May 5, 2013


In "The Old Days" as the farm campers like to say, everyone kept a cow or goat to provide the family's dairy needs. Making cheese and butter was a weekly task and the butt'ry was kept filled with the wonderful end result of the work. At Camp, the children learn to care for and milk the goats. Since almost everything we eat during the week comes from the farm and the children's own efforts, cheese making is an important and fun task. Not only is everyone amazed when the cheese is taken out of the press and the cheesecloth removed, but they are delighted with the taste. of course, some always goes home to share with mom and dad. It seems we can never make too much! 


Campers learn how to tend our flock of rare breed sheep and also take part in shearing.  After shearing, they wash, card and spin wool ~all by hand. Each child gains a true understanding of the painstaking work done by past generations.  Everyone is amazed by the amount of work that it took just to clothe oneself, much less an entire family. It is a serious, but really fun lesson in the value of work!